Hot Foiling

Hot Foiling

Hot Foiling... Hot off the press!

- Business Cards Printing
- Leaflet Printing
- Certificate Printing
- Letterhead Printing
- Compliment Slips Printing
- Envelope Printing
- Plastic Cards / Blanks
- Business Stationery Printing
- Wedding Stationery Printing
- Greeting Cards Printing
- Christmas Cards Printing

Overview of Hot Foiling

Our intention here is to provide an overview of the hot foiling printing process, what it is and its applications. Also to describe the component parts of the process.

Hot Foiling printing, sometimes known as foil blocking or hot foil blocking is a high added value dry printing process in which the image is transferred to the surface to be printed on by a combination of heat and pressure.

To hot foil print, the block is mounted in the print head of the machine and heated to the appropriate temperature. The material or object to be printed is next positioned on the table of the machine and finally the two are brought together with some pressure with the foil between. The combination of heat and pressure release the pigment from the foil and transfers the image to the printed surface.

It can be used to produce a true "reflective metal" printing and other effects impossible with ink based systems. A result of hot foil printing ca be used to enhance and add value to conventionally printed stationery, greeting cards, certificates and more. Being a dry process, there are no problems with fumes or solvent vapours, or mixing inks. The printed goods can be handled immediately. The printed image is 100% opaque, It can be very economical in short run printing.